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Plastic Surgery

and the “Art” of
Body Contouring

When people speak about weight loss surgery, they often refer to a journey that takes them from morbid obesity, to a thinner and more healthy body.  But in most cases, the journey does not end when the body is thin.  Years of pulling and stretching the skin can create a tremendous problem of sagging body lines and excess skin. Sometimes we are lucky and our skin has enough elasticity to shrink back to its original tightness.  But more often than not, the lost weight results in a body appearance that is totally unacceptable and can cause new medical problems.

This section is devoted to the wonderful "art" of plastic surgery.  I call it an art because the plastic surgeon is, in some ways, the same as a sculptor of clay or stone.  Like an artist who creates a masterpiece, a plastic surgeon  uses his or her skills, to contour and mold the body in specific ways to create beauty, better function, and enhance the self respect of the patient.

The information below should help you to decide if plastic surgery is something you want to pursue.  Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

Barbara Thompson's Plastic Surgery Experience

Body Contouring
This webpage of Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz, from Pittsburgh, PA, presents the various techniques used by plastic surgeons to enhance body image.  The page also has links to incredible before and after photos.

Dr. Hurwitz was my plastic surgeon. I personally feel that it is important to use a plastic surgeon for the work that you have done rather than having it done by a general surgeon.  And if you can find a plastic surgeon who is accustomed to working with weight loss surgery patients like Dr. Hurwitz, that is even better.  When you are considering a plastic surgery solution to the problem of that left over skin, you want to not only have that skin removed, but you want a nice looking body also.  So you need body contouring. It is not only a surgical skill, but also an art. 


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