The Surgery Itself
Chapters 8-20

Weight loss surgery has a long history that got us to the point where we are today with modern safe procedures. How do you sort through the options to understand what the surgeries are, how they differ and the pros and cons of each.  Once you have decided upon a surgery, how do you find a surgeon?  Also, once on your way, there are tremendous emotional issues that you face as you approach your surgery. This section takes you through preparing for the surgery and the surgical experience itself.

  An Overview of Weight Loss Surgery
  How to Determine the Best Type of Weight Loss Surgery for You
  RNY, VBG and Other weight loss surgeries
  Locating a Surgeon
  Who to Tell About Your Surgery and What You Can Expect-Tips
            on Handling This
  Pre-op Testing
  Eating Prior to Surgery Im Out of Control
  Preparations Before You Leave for the Hospital
  Your Before Statistics
  Your Wish List
  The Surgical Experience


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