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Test Your Knowledge

1.  Calcium is important for the formation of bone material. What is necessary in order for calcium to be absorbed?

Answer: Gastric juice is necessary for calcium to be absorbed.

2.  Of the following foods, which has the least calcium?

A. Canned salmon, ½ can

B.  Cottage cheese, ½ cup

C.  Brazil nuts, ½ cup

D.  Cooked kale, ½ cup

Answer: The ½ cup of cottage cheese has the least amount of calcium with 87 mg.  The kale has 103 mg in ½ cup, Brazil nuts have 130 mg and the ½ can of salmon has the most with 225 mg of calcium. Depending upon your age, you need 1000 to 1500 mg of calcium per day.

3.  According to a study done by researchers at the University of Arizona, women crave chocolate most when they have a deficiency in what mineral? 

A.  Calcium

B.  Zinc

C.  Magnesium

D.  Potassium

Answer: Magnesium.  This may be why some women experience an increase in chocolate cravings when they are going through PMS.

4.  Of the following McDonald’s menu items, which has the most amount of fat?

A.  6-piece chicken nuggets

B.  Garden salad with Ranch dressing

C.  2 scrambled eggs with a side order of hash browns

D.  Cheeseburger

Answer: Salad with Ranch dressing has the most fat with 21 grams.  Watch what you put on your salads!

5.  Of the items above, which has the least amount of fat?

Answer: The cheeseburger has the least with 13 grams of fat

6.  True or False: You would have to drink four 8-ounce glasses of orange juice daily to get in the recommended intake of vitamin C.

Answer: False.  One 8 ounce glass of orange juice is sufficient to provide the recommended intake of Vitamin C.  However, when you are newly post-op, the acidity of orange juice can upset your stomach, and the natural sugar content of orange juice has been known to cause dumping. If you are able to drink orange juice, try the orange juice that has added calcium. You will be getting an important added benefit. Remember, that even if you are drinking orange juice, it is advisable to take 500 mg of chewable Vitamin C when you take your iron to help with absorption. 

7.  Potassium is an electrolyte important for our nervous system, muscle function and fluid balance.  Without potassium we wouldn’t have a regular heart beat.  When we think of potassium, most of us think of bananas as being the best source.  Which of the following has even more potassium than bananas?

A.  Apples

B. Raisins

C. Butternut Squash

D. Green beans

Answer: C. Butternut Squash which has 782 mg in ¾ cups.  This is almost twice as much as in a banana.

8.  According to a recent study, the consumption of which of the following has shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer?

A.  Yogurt

B.  Cheese

C.  Blackberries

D.  Watermelon

Answer: C. Blackberries. Blackberries are an excellent source of anthocyanin, an antitoxin that gives the berry its reddish-blue color, as well as ellagic acid. They have been shown in studies to impede enzymes that promote cancer.  Remember that this summer when blackberries are in season.  They can be frozen in small quantities and a few at a time popped into your fruit smoothie that you put protein powder in.  In takes very few berries to be effective.  


9. Because of dumping, many of us have become accustomed to reading nutrition labels to check the grams of sugar contained in food.  One teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to how many grams of sugar?

A. One gram

B. Two grams

C. Four grams

D. Ten grams

Answer: C. Four.  One teaspoon of table sugar is equivalent to 4 grams.

10. B 12 is normally absorbed in what part of the body?

A. Stomach

B. Small Intestines

C. Colon

D. Liver

Answer: B. Small intestines. B 12 is absorbed in the ileum section of the small intestines. Because gastric juice is needed for absorption, it is necessary to take a B 12 supplement for those who have had RNY gastric bypass surgery.

11.  This essential element, which is found in plentiful amounts in beef, plays a critical role in our immune system.  What is it?

A.  Magnesium

B.  Zinc

C.  Potassium

D.  Iron

Answer: B. Zinc.  Even a small deficiency in zinc can affect your immune system.  Zinc lozenges have become very popular the last few years to help people fight colds and flu.

12.  We have all heard of the health benefits of drinking small amounts of red wine to help reduce heart disease.  Researchers at the University of California, Davis have discovered that the juice of what can have the same beneficial effects?

A.  Grapes

B.  Pomegranates

C.  Carrots

D.  Apples

Answer:  D. Apples.  The recommended amount per day to drink to have a beneficial effect is 1 ½ cups.  Researchers found that eating 2 apples per day had a beneficial effect, but not as much as drinking the juice.


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