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Test Your Knowledge

1.  After the age of 25, the average person loses how much muscle each year?

A. None

B. 2 ounces

C. 6 ounces

D. 8 ounces

Answer: D. 8 ounces.  The average adult loses Ĺ pound of muscle and gains 1 pound of fat per year.

2.  When I weighed 264 pounds and walked for 30 minutes I burned 349 calories.  If I walk that same 30 minutes now at 140 pounds, how many calories will I burn?

A. 349



Answer: B. 185 calories.  When we lose weight we burn fewer calories because we are moving around a smaller mass.  That is why if you want to continue to lose weight, you have to increase your activity level to continue to burn calories. (Source Web MD Calorie Calculator)

3.  When you exercise, it is important to get your heart beating as fast as possible to get the maximum benefit. True or False

Answer: False. You should determine your target heart rate This is a range within which you your heart should beat per minute in order to gain the maximum benefit of exercise. If your heart beats too slowly then you are not getting the benefit of a good aerobic exercise.  If your heart rate is too fast then you are overworking your heart.  

4.  Because muscle weighs more than fat, if I strength train (lift weights), I will become heavier and will not lose weight. True or False

Answer: False. You will lose weight because you will be building muscle. And the more muscle you have, the more calories those muscles burn.  In a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, 12 people who donít normally exercise, strength trained 3 times per week for 12 weeks.  This increased their metabolism to the extent that they had to eat 300 extra calories per day just to maintain their weight. 


5.  According to a Consumer Reports, March 2002 article, on which piece of exercise equipment are you likely to burn the most calories and use the most at home?

A. Exercise bicycle

B. Treadmill

C. Stair stepper

Answer: B. Treadmill

6.  You visit your local gym and you notice a class of people pedaling away on stationery bicycles.  What is this form of exercise called?

A. Spinning

B. Trekking

C. Cycling

Answer: A. Spinning. Spinning is indoor group cycling and is one of the hottest exercise trends today. In one 50-minute class, you can burn as much as 500 calories.  You gain momentum as you pedal so it feels like the real thing, except spinning bicycles donít allow you to coast. You can adjust your own intensity.  If you are going to try a spinning class, make sure that it is led by an instructor that allows you to go at your own pace and doesnít try to shame you into excelling past your endurance.

(Source Sarasota Magazine, Feb. 1999, p.113+)

7.  When you strength train by lifting weights, it is important to lift weights at least 6 days per week, True or False.

Answer: False. You need to rest your muscles a day between exercising. You can strength train your lower body on one day and the next day your upper body, and alternate.  But if are strength training your entire body, rest a day before repeating your routine. 


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