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Human Causes of Hair Loss
(Causes Due to Human Errors)

1. Imbalanced Diet
2. Excessive Stress
3. Chemical Damage
4. Excessive Heating and/or Cooling of Scalp
5. Mechanical Damage

Other Causes of Hair Loss
High Fever

1. IMBALANCED DIET. A poor diet will lead to protein malnutrition.  Hair follicles receiving insufficient supplies of protein shorten the ANAGAN PHASE (growing stage of hair development) and lengthen the TELOGAN PHASE (resting stage of the hair growth cycle) producing shorter, thinner hairs.

2. EXCESSIVE STRESS.  Frequent or continuous stress, physical or emotional, may cause hair loss.  SURGERY does represent a STRESSFUL PHYSICAL response.  In particular, stresses that coincide with a weight loss may cause serious hair loss.

3. CHEMICAL DAMAGE.  Chemicals used in dyeing, permanent waving, hairdressing, and chlorinated pool water can cause adverse effects on hair follicles, resulting in hair thinning or loss.  The damages due to chemicals may be temporary, or permanent as a result of the death of hair follicles.

4.  EXCESSIVE HEATING AND/OR COOLING OF THE SCALP.  Hot sun, hot air, hot curling irons, cold air, etc. can interfere with the functions of hair follicles and weaken follicles, resulting in hair thinning and hair loss.

5.  MECHANICAL DAMAGE.  Constant pulling of hairs may cause damage to the structure of hair follicles.  Hair weaving, braiding, ponytails, etc., can cause permanent hair loss.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Cancer Chemotherapy or continuous use or large doses of some medications

High fever lasting more than several weeks may cause temporary hair loss.

During pregnancy, hair follicles can shift hair growth into the telegan phase in order to conserve protein for the new baby growing at a rapid rate.  After delivery, a woman may experience temporary hair loss.

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