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 Tips for Staying on Track

A subscriber to my newsletter shared these great tips with me.  I loved the common sense and the wisdom and asked to publish them for everyone to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

 I want to share some of the things I have learned from my RNY experience. Sharing these things with others helps me focus on what is important- staying on track. Here it is in list form.

1. I am pampering myself. This is MY year. I don't beat myself up for failing occasionally. I just get back on the wagon.

2. I reward myself with small, non-food indulgences.

3. I like my protein drink in the morning. Find a protein source you DO like, and use it.

4. Find an exercise program that you WILL keep doing. I found that I love to bicycle. I have become a road menace, and I love it.

5. I found that my food tastes great, the first few bites. When it no longer gives me that intense taste, I stop eating. It is enough.

6. I take personal responsibility for what I eat, and for when I quit eating.

7. I attend and participate in my support group meetings. It keeps my need for ongoing vigilance in the forefront.

8. Not everyone understands what and why I am doing what I do. Naturally thin people have NO CLUE.

9. I have a food addiction, and I expect I always will have. I am responsible for every mouthful - everyday.

10. I find that speaking a daily affirmation, spoken out loud to myself, helps me stay on track. So does prayer.

11. I fast once a month, for two meals. I find it strengthens my willpower. I give what I would have spent on food to charity.

12. I keep a food diary of every morsel that passes my lips. I do this especially when I feel I'm out of control.

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