Stress and Eating

Along with the rest of the country, I have been sad and in mourning since September 11th.  I am usually so positive and upbeat, so this reaction is very foreign to me.  I love to laugh, but now I find it hard to find humor. I am feeling the stress of the conflict in which we are engaged. 

In the last day or two, a colleague of mine had a rubber ducky stolen from her office.  It was a silly prank.  She made a “Lost – One Rubber Duckey” poster and eventually received a ransom note.  It was the first silliness I’ve enjoyed in a long time. But it was a silliness that still felt a little strange.

I’m depressed.  Sound familiar?  And along with depression there is a tendency to revert to the old comfort foods – the carbs!  And you know what happens when you eat carbohydrates.  They make you feel good temporarily as the carbohydrates break down into sugar and insulin is released into your blood stream.  But this is followed by a drop in the level of insulin which causes your body to crave more carbohydrates.  It is a vicious cycle that we have visited all our lives. 

At this time it is important to be especially vigilant to eat protein (in balance) and to exercise. Along with burning calories and strengthening your muscles and bones, exercise releases endorphins in to your blood stream, which makes you feel better.  Be kind to others and to yourself.  Here is an article that deal with stress and eating that might help:

Emotional Eating Due To Stress





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