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Reader Reviews

Here are some reviews that I have received from people who have Weight Loss Surgery: Finding the Thin Person Hiding Inside You. 

   “I am half way through your book and I love it....I can totally relate to everything you had gone through prior to your surgery. I have a date set for June 1st for open RNY. I am excited and nervous at the same time but your book has put me at ease with many things. Thank you for writing this book!!!”
Patty from Pennsylvania

  “I just finished reading your book and I feel it has been very helpful.  It is a very good book that was well written and I congratulate you on its success.”
Rita from Middletown, DE

  “I ordered your book and I like it very much.  It will hopefully be a super reference book in the days ahead.”
Darlene from Rock Creek, OH

  “I attended the support group meeting Wednesday and bought your book, came home and read it cover to cover. I am so hungry for info. Your book was wonderful and I'm sure I will reread many times and keep it close as my surgery progresses. Congrats on your success.”
Dana from Washington, PA

  “I ordered your book. I loved it. It answered so many of the questions I had.  Thank you so much for writing it.”
Debbie from Glen Falls, NY

  “I received your book and I finished it as of yesterday.  What a wonderful tool you have written.  I would have been so much better off 16 months or so back if this book was written when I started out.  It is truly written in such a way that you can understand it. No confusion, told the way it is.  Even being 13 months post-op I found it very informative.”
Terry from Eighty Four, PA

  “I received my book about 2 weeks ago and I think it is wonderful.  I have recommended to several people.  You have covered everything.  It is nice to have one source to find out the answers to my questions.  Thank you for writing this book. Thank you so much for writing in my book.  It means a lot for you to take the time to add a personal touch.”
Darlene from Mountain City, TN

  “I just wanted to let you know that I received the book on Monday.  Thanks so much.  I am almost done reading it already.  It is a fantastic book - full of excellent information.  Thank you.”
Tracey from Stoney Creek, Ontario

  “Your book is EXCELLENT ! I am so impressed that I am promoting your book! I don't think anyone considering it should be without it and anyone actually going through it should pack it right next to their Bible! And thanks to Frank for saying it so well to my husband and family. I don't even know you but you can't imagine the influence you've had on my life in such a short time by just sharing so openly.”
Mary Beth from Raceland, LA

  “I have read your book cover to cover several times. It answers questions I haven't thought to ask, I highly recommend it every chance I get. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!”
Karen from Yorba Linda, CA

  “I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your book even as a post op. The book was excellent though and I would love to have had it 3 years ago when I was a pre-op. I am suggesting it to everyone I know.”
Sue from Wytheville, VA

  “Thank you so much for such a wonderful book! I read it in 1 day! It will truly help with my journey.”
Denise from DeBary, FL

  “Just wanted you to know that I received your book last week and I couldn’t put it down.  Thank you so much for all of the valuable information.  I am pre-op so as you can imagine I absorbed the pages one right after the other.  I most enjoyed the chapters on all the pre-op preparations and food routines after.  Also your sharing of your problems brings reality and honesty to us, the readers. We can identify with you as we embark on our venture of this surgery.  I have truly lived and breathed your book for the past week. I am telling everyone!!! I showed it to my dietician and she looked through it and said it was a good investment and that it looked like a good source of information.  So hats off to you! You did a good job.”
Debra from Owengo, NY

  “I finished reading your book already and have mentioned it in my profile at  I will keep it with me and have been showing it to people.  I truly believe in your book.  It tells my feelings so well.  Most times reading something like this is dry, but I found I could not put it down till I was finished.  Thank you so much for being so eloquent with your words and expressing my feelings so well.  I know I am not alone.”
Peg from Oil City, PA

  “Your book is wonderful.  It will guide me step by step through this.  I have recommended it to my boss and gave her an order form.  Thanks for the time and effort you put into this for those of us who are just beginning our journey.”
Marsha from Chipley, FL

  “I received your book.  It has a lot of valuable information in it.  Thank you very much for writing this book.  I went to a seminar last week given by my surgeon, and because I had read your book before we went, I understood a lot. Thanks to your book, my husband and I were able to understand and discuss with the surgeon the different stages I would go through with the surgery.  I gave your address to others at the seminar.  Again, thank you so much.”
Brenda from Huntsville, AL

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