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Question of the Month

 I had my first plateau three weeks after my surgery.  This hardly seemed fair.  I had gone through the drastic step of having surgery. I should be exempt from plateaus.  Isnít that a Right of Passage?  But it is like getting a blemish after menopause! These are truly cruel jokes of life! Unfortunately, plateaus are as much a fact of life after surgery as before.

I often hear from people who say that they have lost 100 pounds in their first 3 months and then stop losing.  With this surgery, the maximum that most lose initially is 20 pounds per month.  After a few months the average is 15 pounds per month.  If you lose in excess of that, your weight loss is getting ahead of itself and it has to catch up.  And plateaus happen.

Sometimes we get comfortable with our routine of eating. We are pleased with the massive amounts of weight loss and think, not consciously, that this will go on forever no matter what we do.  So we start to eat a little more just to see if we will continue to lose weight regardless of how much we eat.  We eat a little more here and eat a little more there, not really realizing what we are doing. And then the plateau happens. 

The best way to guard against plateaus is to follow the 4 Rules of Success:

1.  Eat protein first at any meal and try to limit your daily carbohydrate intake to 20 grams.

2.  Drink water. Strive for 64 ounces per day.

3.  Donít graze. You will soon find out that you can out eat this surgery by snacking.

4.  Exercise. This is the most important way to avoid plateaus.

If you still plateau and you are following these rules then you know that a plateau is just a plateau!!!

I find that plateaus are easily overcome by going back on the liquid diet for a couple of days.  Is seems to work for me.

Rob in AZ
Surgery. date 12-11-2001
lost 164 lbs so far
459lbs to start
now 295lbs

 Thanks to Robin Fox for the following:

ďHi Barbara,
I have been reading your newsletters for a few months now.  I had my surgery in August 2001 and have lost about 120 pounds.  I am a "leader" in my support group New Beginnings and came up with a phrase for plateaus:

PLATEAUS - each letter has a meaning to get you through it!! 

Patience - being steadfast despite opposition.
Lasting - A time period that has a beginning and ending.
Adjustment - Repositioning.
Time - Measured in seconds, minutes, hours and days.
Eventual - Taking place at an unspecified time: ultimately resulting
Associate - To bring together; in any of various ways.
Understand - Having the power of comprehension (why)
Support - A group of people with common experiences and concerns who provide emotional and moral support for one another.

Keep up your great work!

Robin Fox

Thanks to Missy Bowman for the following:

ďI found a few great ways to get off those awful plateaus. I increase the amount of water I drink and cut out carbs -- along with eating more protein. At the same time I change my workout. Instead of doing the exercise routine I get comfortable with, I drastically change it to something I havenít done in a while - and I make sure it gets my heart pumping. It provides guaranteed weight loss quickly!!!!!Ē

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