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Medical Center
Surgeon Sites

gldbullet.gif (892 bytes)  Surgery for Morbid Obesity
This is the website for Drs. Paul Selinkoff, John Pilcher and Dana Reiss in San Antonio, Texas.  This informative site deals with such issues as the decision for surgery, surgical procedures, diet after surgery, results, risks, recovery, and keys to success.

gldbullet.gif (892 bytes)  Thinner Times Gastric Bypass
This excellent website is the product of Dr. Charles Callery of Pomerado Hospital, Poway, CA.  Included are many excellent research documents as well as discussions of the anatomy of weight loss surgery.

gldbullet.gif (892 bytes)  Alvarado Center for Surgical Weight Control
This is the website of Drs. Wittgrove and Clark of the Alvarado Center in San Diego, CA. 
Laparoscopic procedures are discussed.  The site includes research information and newsletters.


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