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General WLS Websites

I have found the following web links to be very helpful to my preparation for surgery and general knowledge about it.

Plastic Surgery Guide

Get answers to yours most worrying questions concerning surgery: hazards and privileges for your health, postoperative complications and average costs.
Obesity Action Coalition
OAC is an organization whose mission to elevate and empower those affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. The OAC fills the patient advocacy gap for the obese and morbidly obese population. I encourage you to join this organization to make your voice heard.
Teddy-Tech, Inc.

Bari Buddy" appears to be just a teddy bear, but is, in fact, a specially designed pillow to help you cough and deep-breathe after Bariatric surgery. The critical part of the recovery process is also one of the most painful aspects of healing.

"Bari Buddy" is designed to have a firm, flat back, so that he can serve as a splinting device for the patient's incision.  He is totally machine washable and dryable, flame retardant, and hypoallergenic.
WLS Lifestyles Magazine
WLS Lifestyles is a publication dedicated to serving the needs of the pre and post-operative weight loss surgery patients.  Barbara is excited to be an exclusive contributor to this publication.  A one year subscription is $24.95.

Association for Morbid Obesity Support
This site is designed to provide a link to all of the people exploring weight loss surgery.  Current membership totals more than 30,000.  It is necessary to register on this site in order to explore it, but membership is free.  Here you will find local peers along with their experiences, surgeons in your area complete with extensive comments from patients, before and after photos, a clothing exchange, extensive journals of those taking the weight loss surgery journey, and a section devoted to those who have died from surgery.

Obesity Surgery Support Group (OSSG)
This is an online bulletin board whose purpose is to discuss and offer support for the physical and emotional issues as they relate to weight loss surgery for the morbidly obese.  Topics covered include types of surgeries available, dietary guidelines, post-op reports, emotional, family, work, and recovery issues.  Currently there are over 5,000 members.  It is necessary to join this list to access it, but membership is free.  This group is the “mother” list, but there are additional OSSG groups that you can also join that have smaller memberships.  These include geographically regional groups as well as groups for special subjects such as recipes, living alone, those who are more than one year post-op, and insurance questions. You may “lurk” or post to any of these lists after you have joined.  Emails are received singly or in digest form.  Previous messages can be accessed from the archives.

American Society for Bariatric Surgery
This is the professional organization for surgeons performing weight loss surgery.  Here you can find surgeons in your area who perform this surgery.  This site has extensive research information, especially on types of surgeries available.

The Obesity Law and Advocacy Center
The Obesity Law and Advocacy Center is a full-service private law firm devoted to representing morbidly obese persons in a variety of legal matters.  They are especially effective in representing you against your insurance company when you have been denied coverage for your surgery. 

American Obesity Association
An informative site that discusses obesity and its effects.  The Association is devoted to advocacy, research and education.

Hurwitz Center for Plastic Surgery
A Pittsburgh, PA plastic surgeon's website that has excellent before and after photos along with descriptions of the different procedures.

Dress For Success
If you have suits in sizes that have become too big for you, consider donating them to Dress For Success.  Dress For Success is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996.  The organization is in 60 cities in 4 countries and has helped over 60,000 low-income women dress professionally for the workforce.  For each woman that they help, they give one suit for an interview.  When she gets a job, she receives a second suit for work.  The organization takes donations of skirt and pant suits with good matching blouses.  They also accept blazers, jackets, and new or nearly new dress shoes.  They are particularly in need of larger sizes.  They do ask that the clothing be in good and clean condition.


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