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The below questions are frequently asked by most people at some time or another during their weight loss surgery journey.  I will add new questions periodically as they come up in my discussions with the many people I come in contact with.  

Question 55 Cheryl Lynn asks: I am just wondering if it is normal to feel a little down after surgery? I am 3 weeks out and I have noticed as well as others that I am very quiet and reserved. Have you dealt with this at all?
Answer 55

Interesting Phenomenon About Losing Weight
Question 54
  I've noticed (or I think I've noticed) that my shape is different than it was the last time I weighed 288 pounds (which was about 6-7 years ago).  I remember being a size 26 when I weighed 255 pounds; now I'm in a size 26 at 288 pounds (and the size 26 seems to be getting loose quickly).  Has anyone else experienced this or is it just my imagination?
Answer 54

Learning Healthy Eating Patterns
Question 53 Why is it that for 50 years you were unable to learn healthy eating patterns, but after the surgery, you were finally able to learn them?
Answer 53

What about Blood Clots?
Question 52  I am waiting for my surgical date and am getting very nervous.  My best friend had her surgery recently and is now in intensive care with 2 large blood clots in her lungs, one in her thigh and one in her calf.  Is this very common or not?  Please reply.  Thanks and keep her in your prayers. Her name is Judy G. from IN.  Thank you. Dawn
Answer 52

I'm very discouraged about my weight loss
Question 51
  I had my surgery 2 months ago and thus far have lost about 42 pounds.  In the first month, I lost 39 pounds. But in the second month, I've only lost 3 pounds.  I am very discouraged at this point.  I don't understand what my body is doing. I go to an aerobics class 3 times a week and eat next to nothing.  So why haven't I been a success story?  I'm trying to keep things together, but there are times when I'm almost in tears because of the lack of weight loss!
Answer 51

I am very afraid of doctors and hospitals
Question 50
I am only in the very first stages of trying to decide whether or not this is the surgery for me. I am very overweight and I know something has to be done, but I am so very afraid of doctors and hospitals. I keep thinking what a shame it would be to have the surgery done and then die of complications just because it was easier than dieting or something like that. I can't bear the thought of leaving my little girl while she still needs me. Is this fear normal and can you offer any help?
Answer 50

Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery
Question 49 
I recently started to get the newsletter and love it! I am only 28 and have a son who is two. My question is can you please do a segment on pregnancy after weight loss surgery and put in some testimonials?  I'm so nervous about the subject. I really think I want another child.
Answer 49

Hunger Pains 
Question 48 
Since the bottom portion of the stomach is left intact, why does it not create "Hunger Pains"?  I get pretty intense pains and growling all the time, I am always hungry.  Will this go away?
Answer 48

Is this elective surgery?
Question 47 
The other day, someone told me that since weight loss surgery was elective surgery, I shouldn't take the risk of dieing.  Is the RNY gastric bypass procedure considered to be elective surgery?
Answer 47

Questions about the Surgery
Question 46  Will you please answer some questions I have about the surgery?
1.  How much pain is there and what kind of pain is it?
2.  If I'm careful with what I eat, is there a lot of throwing up and how long does it take your body to get used to your food so the throwing up stops?
3.  I am scared to death, but feel I have to have this surgery.  Does everyone experience fear about having this done?
Answer 46

Will I survive the surgery?
Question 45:  
I am afraid of loosing my life. Will I survive the surgery?
Answer 45

What about a psych Evaluation?
Question 44: Hi Barbara, I read that you had a psych evaluation.  I do not believe that I am having one of those.  Is this a question that I should ask my doctor?
Answer 44

Confused about Terminology
Question #43: I was wondering if the Gastric Bypass Surgery is the same thing as the Bariatric Surgery I have been reading about.  I'm confused.
Answer 43

Fearing the Surgery
Question 42:
I am scheduled for lap rny in March.  I'm 29 years old and weigh 270.  To say that I'm scared to death is an understatement.  I'm pretty healthy, except for the extra 100 plus pounds, and have no major health problems.  I think I'm a good candidate, but convinced I'll be the one to die right there on the table.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can get over this hump and look forward to a new life?
Answer 42

Lap vs. Open
Question 41:  My insurance will cover the RNY procedure 100%, but the surgery has to be done within the state that I live in.  Currently, there are several surgeons in my state who can perform the procedure as an open, but there are no lap surgeons.  I'm desperate, but I'm really afraid of the open procedure.  What do you suggest?
Answer 41

The Heartbeat "Thing"
Question 40 
Why is it that you and almost everybody in the chat rooms, has the same mantra: "I'd do it over again in a heartbeat?"  I can understand the sentiment but it seems odd to me that just about everyone uses the same words to describe their feeling. 
Answer 40

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
Question 39: 
After the surgery, will I ever be able to drink a glass of wine? I haven't read anything about an occasional alcoholic beverage.
Answer 39

Pre-Op Shopping List
Question 38:  I am scheduled for surgery in about 3 weeks.  Can you give and suggestions on how I should get prepared?  Is there anything I can do to make it easier for me for when I get discharged from the hospital?
Answer 38

Mortality Rate
Question 37: Today the media has had a story all over the air about a well known man in the area who died after having a complication from WLS.  I know the risks and I also know that people die everyday, but hearing this so many times on the media, is a little disturbing. I am a survivor and  I know this surgery is for me.  What are your thoughts on this?
Answer 37

Is It Worth It?  
Question 36:  How do you feel about your decision to have weight loss surgery, one year later?  Is it worth the permanent stomach shrinkage?
Answer 36

Hypnotized During Surgery
Question 35:  I read in your journal, on this website, that you were hypnotized before your weight loss surgery.  What was the purpose of doing that?
Answer 35

Hair Loss
Question 34:  I understand that there is a problem with hair loss after weight loss surgery.  Does this happen to everyone, and what causes this to happen?
Answer 34

Blood Clots
Question 33: My biggest fear are blood there something that can be done prior to, to help prevent the likely hood of having them??
Answer 33

Loose Skin
Question 32:  I am a little worried about my loose skin. Is there anything I can do to help stop it?
Answer 32

To Tell Or Not To Tell
Question 31:  I have decided to have my surgery  in Atlanta by Dr. Champion.   I'd like to keep the surgery a secret, but I don't know if I can get away with it. (I'm an only child, 46 yrs. old, and live a mile away from my parents.)  Do you think that's possible?  
Answer 31

My Insurance Won't Cover My Surgery.
Question 30:  I have a consult with surgeon in a few weeks.  The office has said that my insurance will not cover this surgery, they have tried to fight it, but with no success. Do you know why some insurance companies have an exclusion written in it - excluding any surgical care for obesity? I would like to fight them, but am not sure how. I am afraid to try and pay on my own in case there is a complication. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Answer 30

Questions About Eating.
Question #9:  Can you give a more detailed timetable of how we move back to eating regular food but in small amounts?  Will I ever be able to eat hot sauce again? Remember, I'm from Texas. Do we eventually go back to the same foods anyone else eats (I understand the serving is much smaller) what about hot and cold drinks?  I guess I want to know if after everything is healed, do we have a regular stomach that is only a fraction of the size it was?
Answer 29

Anxious About Insurance
Question 28:  I just got word that the insurance company received my doctors letter, I am sooooo nervous and anxious, .. . any advice?
Answer 28

Throwing Up
Question 27
Did you have bouts of throwing up.  How long did it take you to adjust to the new life style.
Answer 27

Worried About Getting Insurance Approval
Question 26
  I know I am going to have a fight on my hands, trying to get my insurance provider to pay.  Other than chronic
lower back pain and constant heartburn, I do not have anything that would deem this "medically necessary"!  My doctor is wonderful and says he will do whatever he can on his end, and that if I jump  through all their hoops and stay committed, they will hopefully give in. As far as past diet history, the list is numerous.  The problem is, I do not have proof.  They were never supervised by a physician and I never kept receipts or documentation of them. (I never thought I would need that.)  I just wanted to forget about another failed attempt at losing weight on my own!  If you have any suggestions, I would very much appreciate them.
Answer 26

How Long Is Recovery Time?
Question 25  My age is 25.  How much recovery time is needed following surgery?  How long would I have to be out of work and school after the surgery?  
Answer 25

Will My Age Be a Problem With Insurance? 
Question 24  How do I get the process started to have the surgery done?  When I get a referral from my family doctor, will I have to contact my insurance company to see if this surgery will be covered?  Since I am only 25, will my age diminish my chances of getting insurance approval? I weigh 345lbs.
Answer 24

Will I Be Able To Get Pregnant?
Question 23  Will I be able to have children after having weight loss surgery? I have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant and am worried that this surgery will make matters worse.
Answer 23

Slow Insurance Approval
Question 22:  Why does it take so long for Medicaid to approve someone and why did I need 5 yrs of medical records?
Answer 22

Can I Drink Carbonated Beverages?
Question 21:
  My older sister is considering surgery.  She has been told that she will never be able to drink carbonated beverages again (i.e. Coke).  She is really worried about her ability/inability to forever say goodbye to that yummy drink.  The nurse at her Dr's office told her it would stretch her stomach. What can you tell me about this?
Answer 21

I have Several Questions.
Question 20
1) Did you feel like you didn't want to tell anyone about this surgery?
2) How long did it take you to recover from the surgery?
3) Once the primary care doctor said yes, how long did you have to wait?
4) Were you  concerned about the risks of undergoing the procedure?
5) Are you really not hungry anymore?
6) Do you still have the desire to overeat?
7) Were you compulsive about eating before the surgery?
Answer 20

Looking For Information.
Question 19:  I live in Phoenix, AZ and am thinking about weight loss surgery.  Because I am very self conscious about my weight, I don't feel comfortable talking about this with anyone I know, but want to find out more about this method of losing weight.  Can you give me any information.
Answer 19

I'm Afraid My Dr. Will Not Recommend Me For Surgery.
Question 17:
  I am so afraid to ask my Doctor if he would recommend me for this surgery.  I couldn't stand it if he said "No". Is this a common feeling?
Answer 17

How Successful Is Weight Loss Surgery?
Question 16: 
I have failed many diets all my life.  My brother told me about someone he knew that had weight loss surgery and gained all the weight back.  He does not know if it was the RNY.  I am very concerned that after I go through all the pain, risks, and recovery of RNY surgery, the lack of food, and lifestyle changes, I will not be successful at losing weight.  How successful is RNY weight loss surgery, and can I realistically believe I can be thin? 
Answer 16

Will I Get The Shakes From Eating So Little?
Question 15:  Whenever I have gone on any diet which drastically reduced the amount of food I could eat, I would be weak and get the shakes.  I am worried that this will happen to me again after my surgery.  Is it common to get the shakes after surgery?
Answer 15  

RNY or a VBG?
Question 14:
  I am considering weight loss surgery and have narrowed the surgery type down to an RNY or a VBG.  In your opinion, which is the best choice?
Answer 14

Crying Fits For No Reason
Question 13:  I was just wondering if anyone else had crying fits for no reason.  Am I just going crazy or what???
Answer 13

Lactose Intolerance
Question 12:  I am pre-op and wondering about lactose intolerance.  I've read that some people become lactose intolerant after the surgery and want to know what percentage of people develop this problem?   I like yogurt and skim milk, which happen to be good protein sources, and would miss them if my system starts to reject them.
Answer 12

What About Taking Vioxx?
Question 11:
  Does anyone know if we can take Vioxx after an RNY?  This is a new medication and it is great for arthritis.  I would like to take it if it won't harm my stomach
Answer 11

Calcium Intake
Question 10: 
Has anyone tried Viactiv, the calcium chew?  They have 3 grams of sugar each and I will have to chew at least 2 or more per day.  Has anyone experienced any dumping with these?  Also, what are some other calcium issues to consider?
Answer 10

Tired of Pureed Foods
Question 9:
  It seems like I have been on pureed food for an eternity.  Do you have any suggestions for something that tastes good but will be OK for my pureed diet?
Answer 9

Tired After Surgery
Question 8:  I am two weeks post-op, and 17lbs gone forever but my energy level is far below my normal.   I take 2 one
a day vitamins, drink protein shakes and have 3 to 4 meals a day, and start each with a good bit of protein.  I just feel very sluggish, and everything I do takes an effort.  Is this normal?
Answer 8

Getting A Referral From Your PCP
Question 7: 
I am scheduled for an appointment with my doctor to get a referral to have weight loss surgery. What do I need to find out to get ready for this appt?  What do I need to take? 
Answer 7

What About Leaks?
Question 6: 
How do you know when you have a leak.  What are the symptoms to look for.   
Answer 6

Question 5:
  I am a new member and have a couple questions for you all.  I have read over and over that some people have complications with their lungs and heart. This may sound dumb but what does either of these have to do the WLS and also I have read a person needs to quit smoking before having WLS.  Why besides the obvious reason does a person need to quit?  
Answer 5

Question 4:  I am 2 weeks post op and I am unable to do the walking that my surgeon wants of me. I have a really bad back. Do any of you have suggestions as to other exercise besides walking?
Answer 4

Plastic Surgery
Question 3:
  Can any of you post oppers share with me your extra skin experiences as it relates to insurance coverage?  Is it usually a covered procedure after WLS?  If not, how much will I be looking at?     
Answer 3

Head Hunger
Question 2: 
As of today I am two weeks post-op.  I have been doing well.  Today, though, I ate my first bit of pureed food.  I had cream of mushroom soup for lunch and some mashed potatoes for dinner.  I was able to eat about 3 oz. of each.  I did not feel full and I so much wanted to eat more!  I didn't, but it scared me.  I felt hungry and wanted more.  Is this normal?  Shouldn't I only be able to consume 2oz?  Shouldn't I feel full?
Answer 2

Problems Eating: Post-Op
Question 1:
Just had my RNY done 5 days ago.  I don't seem to be able to eat pain free.  Whenever I eat a little something (juice, jell-o, soup) it feels like it gets stuck in my throat which in turn makes me cough until I almost throw up.   
Answer 1


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